Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Week in Review: September 23, 2012

Monday – 34 min run/walk/run   2.62 miles, Pace: avg 12:57 min/mile  
Tuesday – Rest Day
Wednesday – 32 min run/walk/run   2.42 miles, Pace: avg 13:13 min/mile  
Thursday – 30 min walk in the am, 45 min walk in the evening
Friday – 29 min run/walk/run    2.18 miles, Pace: avg 12:56 min/mile 
Saturday – 20 min Yoga video
Sunday – 29 min run/walk/run    2.25 miles,   Pace: avg 12:30 min/mile
I’ve increased my running to 4 minutes running, one minute walking, but usually somewhere in the middle I take a break and walk for 2 minutes.  I think I would like to get my intervals up to 5:1 and then stick there for long runs.  For my short runs, I would eventually like to be able to run the whole time and run an entire 5k.  But, to be honest, I haven’t decided for sure.  I REALLY enjoy my walk breaks, so maybe I’ll just stick with them all the time. 
This week was pretty low key.  Life is busy right now (isn’t it always?), so I never seem to have the time I’d like.  First “official” day of Fall on Thursday, and it definitely looks the part in my area of the country.  The leaves are falling and the days are getting shorter.  Ready or not, here comes winter!
This week, I signed up for Twitter, so give me a follow, @EveryDayGirl5. 
Question of the Day: Are you on Twitter, and if so, what’s your Twitter account?

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