Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Week in Review: September 16, 2012

 Monday – 30 min walk
Tuesday – 30 min run/walk/run
Wednesday – 30 min walk
Thursday – 32 min run/walk/run  2.32 miles,  Pace: avg 13.08 min/mile
Friday -30 min walk
Saturday – 52 min run/walk/run    3.96 miles, Pace: avg 13.07 min/mile
Sunday – Rest day
This week was a lot more successful than last week!  And the second half of this week...I was feeling it!!  Wow, it was awesome!  My runs on Thursday and Saturday, I felt great.  It is requiring a great deal of effort to NOT go for another run today, but I know the rest day is important too.  After I got through the initial cement leg feeling, I felt amazing!  Usually it takes me a long time to stop feeling like it’s a huge effort to move my legs, but this week they seemed to run themselves.  If you can’t tell by the amount of times I’ve used exclamation marks, I have a huge smile plastered across my face!  I’m not sure if the universe lined up to make my runs feel so good or if it was partially due to the podcast I was listening to...the Marathon Show’s recap of the Disneyland Half Marathon.  The whole time I was picturing myself in four short months on the course, running, seeing the characters, and then getting that medal.  Aaahhh...there it is again, huge, goofy grin!
I finally got around to printing Jeff Galloway’s Tinkerbell Half Marathon Training schedule for beginners from  I perused through the long run days and have been marking them on my calendar trying to determine how/where I’m going to run.  I also took another huge step this week...I pulled the trigger and bought a treadmill.  Well, another treadmill.  I have a treadmill I got about 7 years ago, but it is only for walking.  To be honest, I don’t remember why running isn’t recommended on it, but it was very clear in the owner’s manual you shouldn’t be running on it.  I found a huge sale on treadmills and bought a Nordic Track for $1200 off...I figured for $599 it was now or never.  I sold my old treadmill for a couple hundred dollars to help with the cost.  I know I would prefer to run outside, but realistically, I will be training in the middle of winter in an area where we often see temperatures drop to -40 C and snow storms and the nearest gym is 30 miles away.  To complete my runs, I’m going to need a treadmill. 
So, that’s my week in review.  I’ve been busy with work, children, and life in general so I haven’t got all the posts up that I have prepared for you.   For some reason, I’m having real problems adding pictures to one post I have drafted?  I’ll try again soon and hopefully have it up right away.  I am also still making a list of all the blogs that have Disneyland Half Marathon recaps on them, and will be sharing that with you soon.
Question of the Day: Do you have a blog with a Disneyland Half Marathon or Carsland 5k race recap?  If so, would you comment with your blog so I can link to it in an upcoming post?   I want to share with the world what you have all got my so inspired by!

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  1. This is my race report for the Disneyland Half. Hope it helps :)

    Hope your new treadmill works out!