Tuesday, April 16, 2013

For Boston

I had another post planned for today, but like others, I felt compelled to comment on yesterday's horrific events in Boston.  My heart is breaking for the victims, their families & friends, for the runners, for the spectators, for the volunteers & first responders, for the city of Boston, and for the United States of America. 

As a Canadian, I am proud to have neighbors to the south who value the same things we do: freedom, equality, free speech, the list goes on... When events like this occur, my heart breaks for you.  As a country, you are my friends, and I am sick to see this happen to my friends. 

Then, I saw this picture circulating through the internet.  Suddenly, I felt something else.  I felt hope.  Hope that each of us standing up in Boston's defence and to show solidarity will show the evil in this world that they will not win.  Because this quote is true.  There is always more good in this world than evil.  The community of Boston, the runner's community, the people in America, the people in North America, the people of the world, all of mankind will stand arm-in-arm.  We are resilient.  Whether it be by giving blood, donations, opening your homes, hugs, kind words, pictures on the internet, tweets, Facebook posts, going for a run, and tears shed.  We all stand behind Boston and everyone affected by this horrific event. 

Today, I run for Boston.  And I run for hope.  I hope that the victims and their families know that they are in the hearts and prayers of people from all around the world.

Today my thoughts and prayers are for Boston.

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