Thursday, February 21, 2013


With the Disney Princess Half Marathon days away, I felt there was no better time than today to talk about everyone who has inspired me.  I have been planning this post in my head for months and months...and months.  Back in September, when many of you ran the Disneyland Half Marathon I was planning a post where I linked to everyone’s race reports.  I planned a post about the bloggers who inspired me to become healthier, to take charge of my life, and to make goals and strive to achieve them (that’s a whole other post).  I decided to combine the ideas.
So, on to who has inspired me...if you’re reading this, it was probably you.  I have been reading Healthy Living Blogs for a long time now.  I have been lurking on Disney message boards ( and and have been reading all of your blogs.  Some I read at the beginning and have lost track of now (before I learned to favorite them or follow them).  Some, I have followed all along and some I just stop by to read a race report or two, grab a recipe, and check out what’s going on.  But, EVERY one of you has inspired me.  I hope you remember that everyday somewhere in the blogiverse, someone is reading your blog, not necessarily commenting, and you are changing their life for the better.
Without further ado, here is the list of blogs I love.  Many of you will already know each other, but maybe some of you don’t.  Please take the time to stop in and say hi to each other.  You are an amazing group of people!  For those of you who have found me from somewhere else, welcome!  By checking out this list of fellow bloggers, you are about to be inspired!
One (Officially) Goofy Mother Runner!

Live, Run, Grow

C Talley Run


This list doesn’t include every incredible blogger, and it doesn’t even include everyone who’s inspired me.  I know I have missed some of you, and I am sorry for that.  This doesn’t include all the Race Reports I have read on the running inspired me too! 
Question of the Day: Was there a blogger who inspired you to start your healthy living or running journey?  I’d love to hear about them! 


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