Saturday, August 25, 2012


One of my goals is to become more active and healthier for my children.  I’m in okay shape and eat fairly healthy...but I’m not sure that’s good enough.  I’m on the very top end of normal weight and would like to bring myself down about 10 lbs.  I don’t even think it’s a number on the scale so much as I want to feel good.  I want to feel strong and healthy.  I know I don’t have far to go, but I also know that those 10 lbs will be hard.  I have lost 10 lbs already and can feel such a difference.  
Over the past year, I have been reading a lot of running/healthy living blogs.  Wow, you people inspire me!  I finished the Couch to 5 k program a year ago and started running...and I loved it.  But then, life got in the way: I injured my foot and by the time it was healed, my husband was gone working and I couldn’t get away for a run.  Then winter hit and who really wants to run in -30C.  Excuses.  That’s what actually happened....a whole simmering pot of excuses on why I couldn’t.  Now, I can’t seem to find the jam to start the program again.  I’m disappointed that I even have to start again...I wish I could pick up right where I left off.  So not realistic. 
So, I’m also hoping this blog will hold me accountable to exercise.  Keep me on the path because people will notice if I fall off again.  I’m really hoping at least one of you out there reads this little diary and holds me to it...any takers?


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