Thursday, September 17, 2015

2014 Tinkerbell Half Marathon Race Expo

   In January 2014, I finished my first-ever 5k. (Notice the use of the word “finish”.)  That would be because I don’t feel like I can say “ran” or “raced”.  I signed up to run the 5k and then let life get in the way of my training. I was doing great on training and running three to four days a week, and then a series of injuries and life got in the way (and I allowed it :/)  I ran once between October 15th and January 17th (the day of the race).  I was completely unprepared, but knew that it was a fun run and that I could walk the whole thing if I needed.  My family was visiting Disneyland anyway so I was so excited to visit my first runDisney event.  My three children also ran in the Kid’s Races and are total runDisney addicts as well now!  I thought I’d recap my experience with you (mainly because I love hearing about your Disney races!)

   My Run Disney experience began on Thursday when I went to the Race Expo to pick up our race bibs.  The details are all a little fuzzy now, so these posts might be a little picture heavy and not very detailed.  I *think* that packet pick-up was in the Disneyland Hotel underground parkade (I know they were at the Disneyland Hotel but I think it was the parkade).  We were directed to a side entrance and as we walked up, saw the Tinkerbell Half Marathon mat and welcome signs.




   I went at about 2:30 on Thursday and there were no line-ups for packet pick-up.  I breezed through and headed upstairs to the expo to grab our t-shirts and browse.


   When I walked into the expo area, it’s a little hard to explain how I felt.  It was overwhelming and inspiring to see so many race vendors and runner’s in one area.  I looked through the booths (with a big, silly grin plastered on my face) and eventually bought a headband and tank top from Raw Threads to wear the next day.  After 15 minutes at the Expo I KNEW I had to come back another year to compete in more events.  The atmosphere was infectious and I think if there had been sign-ups for the 10k available there, I would have signed up on the spot.

   Even though there were hundreds of people at the expo, I was shocked that I recognized people from the blogging world.  I saw Amy from Pumpkin to Princess at the Sparkle Skirts booth, but she was very busy so I didn’t say hello.  While at the Raw Threads booth, I actually waited in line behind Heather at Through Heather’s Looking Glass.  I felt like I was in the presence of a celebrity….I’m afraid she may have thought I was strange.  I kept stealing glances at her, trying to work up the courage to say hello.  I’m not usually a shy person, but I was so nervous to talk to her….Heather is pretty much my blogging hero!  Through Heather’s Looking Glass was the first runDisney blog I started reading (it was actually Running With Sass at the time) and I have literally read every post since I found it.  Anyways, as you’ll read later on, it wasn’t the only time I saw her that weekend.  I wish I had worked up the nerve to say hello but I guess it’s for the next runDisney event I run into her at.  :)

   I can’t remember exactly how long I spent at the expo, but it was long enough to wet my palate and I knew I would be back some day.

I’ll be back tomorrow to recap the 5k for you!

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