Thursday, June 6, 2013

Date Night

So, I've been MIA again for a while.  And I'm sure many of you thought "Oh, there goes Becky dropping off the face of the earth for months at a time AGAIN".  (Oh, by the name is Becky, not Every Day....but you probably already assumed that).  My computer crashed and I went without for a few weeks.  I haven't yet attempted to blog post from my phone, although I am thinking I should soon.  So, basically, I disappeared.  Then I got my computer back, but hubby and I spent a day in "the city" (also known as anywhere that has a store open past 5:00 on Saturday). 

Here's a peak into our "date day".  Our first stop was at an irrigation store to pick up more sprinkler heads (cause we're romantic like that).  Next, we made a few stop to look at chimineas (fire pits).  We got a beautiful clay one as a wedding gift, but it broke this spring and we are in the market for a new one.  I loved our clay one and can't find another one, so looks like we'll be going to a new material. 
Good-bye clay chiminea! 
After that, it was 4:00 already so we decided to go sit on a patio somewhere and relax, and then have an early supper.  We decided to eat at The Keg.  This was our "Mother's Day, Father's Day, Celebrate Seeding Being Done" date and we were feeling in a steak-y kind-of mood. 
Summer Sangria (hubby's) & my favorite Reisling white wine

We relaxed on the patio, had a drink, and talked.  With hubby working a full-time management job and then helping out at the family farm so much since his Dad's accident, we haven't saw much of each other lately.  When he is home, our focus is on our children and spending time with them.  It was nice to just be together, talk, and enjoy each other's company.  Day's like this remind me of how much I love my husband, how fortunate I am, and why I married him.  He makes me laugh all the time and is my best friend. 
I forgot to take a picture of our appetizer, but we shared the calamari.  It was delicious!  It was mixed with jalapeno and red peppers and had a nice flavor without being too spicy!  Totally recommend it!  For an entree, hubby ordered the filet mignon with crab legs and mashed potatoes.  (I forgot to take a picture until he was half done). 
I ordered the filet mignon with a lobster tail and twice-baked potato.  It was delicious!  Seriously, I am actually getting hungry thinking about it.  The filet was wrapped with applewood smoked bacon and cooked to perfection!  The Keg serves their filets with a bernaise sauce that I loved!  Hubby didn't enjoy it quite as much, but I thought it was amazing!  
We noticed a young couple that were obviously on their first date (or very early on in their relationship).  There were lots of smiles, awkwardness and laughter.  As a random act of kindness, we asked our waitress to take them a complimentary dessert and bill it to us.  I told her to tell them to "pay it forward" some day.  I hope they do, and I hope in a few years they are married and have a fun story to tell about one of their first dates. 
After that, we headed home to pick up our kids from my Mom & Dads house.  All in all, it was a great day!  We talked, we laughed, we held hands.  I can't speak for other's, but I know how important it is for my husband and I to spent time just ourselves.  It's easy to neglect when children, work, or life are all calling for attention too, but it makes our marriage so much stronger.  Our son had eye surgery on Tuesday, so it was nice to get away before the stress and worry of that came. 
Stay tuned for my Energybits review & FIRST EVER giveaway!  (Can you tell I'm excited about this great product!!)

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Question of the Day: What do you & your significant other do to "bond"?

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  1. So glad you had such a wonderful date with hubby! Those times are imperative I think! Enjoy those times you spend with just the two of you! I know with little ones they are rare!