Friday, October 3, 2014

Good-bye with a new Hello

Hello!!  Long time no chat????  and I've got no valid reasons here....just lost my mojo...and to be perfectly honest, I just wasn't feeling it.  When I started this blog, I loved the concept of it; write about everything, just be a voice.  But as time went on, it felt like I didn't have direction and somehow by being all encompassing I felt like I was pigeon-holed (makes no sense, I know).  I've been thinking about this for months and months and finally decided to take the plunge.  What do I really want to write about??  Yes, I want to write a bit about life, but mostly I want to write about my fitness journey.  I want to set a goal and document my path along the way. (That's what I love reading about from all of you...the everyday runs/work-outs, race recaps, with life sprinkled in).  And yes, I have been reading all your blogs.  Lying in bed at night, I catch up on all my blog readings and although I haven't been commenting I've been following along with you! 

So, I have spent a lot of time thinking about this and finally came up with an identity and goal that I am in love with.  I have been running again for 6 weeks and am working towards the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend.  You can follow my journey at  It's still in the beginning stages and I hope to eventually register my own domain and get a style but for today it's where it needs to be.  This blog already feels a little more focused to me; it's about my goal of running the Princess Half Marathon but also brings a little of me into it.  I was born and raised on the Canadian Prairies and am now raising my children here.  I love the beauty of the prairies and the peace and calm running on a country road brings.  I hope you all stop by to say hi!! 

Take care!!

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